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Takeda Castle Town Hotel En

Resort hotel

Eligible property of the Hometown Support Travel Hyogo Campaign. This hotel stands at the foot of Takeda Castle Ruins and is based on historic structures such as a former sake brewery.

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The ruins of Takeda Castle are known as "Castle in the Sky" and "Japan's Machu Picchu" because of their appearance floating in a sea of clouds. In the castle town at the foot of the mountain, you will find a quiet waterway, plastered and lined townhouses from the Meiji and Taisho eras, and an elegant scenery created by nature that changes with the seasons. Located in the center of the townscape, the former Kimura Sake Brewery, which has a history of over 400 years, has been reborn as a high-quality inn with 13 rooms over a long period of time. The guest rooms have different tastes depending on the room, such as the main building built in the Meiji period, the storehouse, and the detached room. The real pleasure of traveling is the meals, which are authentic French dishes made with local brand ingredients such as Tajima beef and Kasumi crab, as well as fresh local vegetables. We promise that you will be freed from your busy daily life and enjoy a luxurious stay.

Property facilities
  • Free parkingFree parking
  • Completely non-smokingCompletely non-smoking
  • Wedding hall
  • French restaurant
  • Pet-friendly rooms available
  • Wi-FiWi-Fi
3 min walk from Takeda Station
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