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Ureshino Onsen Onyado Takasago

Introducing the
Japan Quality Accreditation
This establishment has been awarded our Japan Quality accreditation. It has received high ratings from its guests for providing exemplary service, and through its operations it has demonstrated the ability to offer an authentic Japanese travel experience.
Rakuten Travel Japanese-Style Hotel Award 2020

Features 10 rooms in total with five different styles / Offering several intricate bathing options including lie-down baths and cypress wood baths

Very Good
49 reviews from verified guests
Property facilities
  • Banquet hall
  • Open-air bath (hot spring)
  • Cafe
  • Grand bath
  • Grand bath (hot spring)
  • Parking lot
18 min drive from Sonogi Station
23 min drive from Chiwata Station
28 min drive from Hizen-Kashima Station
29 min drive from Nagao Station
37 min drive from Nagasaki Airport
Spacious 2
13 guests
No smoking
  • Wi-Fi (in room, free)
  • Toilet available, no bath
    • Famous local cuisine
    • Seasonal cuisine
    Includes taxes & fees
    1 room 2 guests 1 night

    It is a plan where you can enjoy Ureshino's famous hot spring yudofu with Saga beef shabu-shabu, which is the most popular in the hotel. 【cooking】 ◆ Supper (room meal) Mainly Ureshino specialty hot spring yudofu and shabu-shabu of Japanese beef from Saga. Besides, for fresh sashimi from the sea and seasonal vegetables in Saga All 11 dishes that the chef is particular about are lined up * Contents may change depending on purchase ◇ Regarding upgrade of dinner [Japanese-style room with hot spring stone bath], [Guest room with cypress open-air bath], [Guest room with sleeping hot spring open-air bath] have increased the number of dinner items and upgraded more luxuriously In addition, Ise lobster will be attached to the [Room with cypress open-air bath] and [Room with sleeping bath open-air bath]. * Not available to those who choose other rooms. You can choose "Tempura" or "Miso soup" for spiny lobster, so please fill in the remarks column when making a reservation. (If there is no entry, we will prepare "Tempura") ◆ Breakfast (restaurant) Including Ureshino's specialty hot spring yudofu, grilled fish, small bowls, etc. You can enjoy a Japanese breakfast * Breakfast is the earliest from 7:50. We cannot respond to the time zone before that. Please note 【hot spring】 ◆ Large communal bath: Male "Den no Yu" Open-air bath on the river overlooking the Ureshino River Female "Hime no Yu" indoor bath + small open-air bath * Large communal bath, guest room bath (only with bath), The washbasin in the guest room and the shower are all hot springs In-house services that can be used freely ・ Free WIFI in all rooms ・ Free coffee on the 1st floor Irori Salon ・ Free use of the river footbath near the hearth salon A footbath where you can relax while looking at the Ureshino River [Annex ~ HOTARU ~] ◇ Private bath Guests staying at the hotel can use it from 2000 yen each time. Please call the front desk when using Aomori Hiba no Yu ... 3000 yen Towada Ishinoyu ... 2000 yen * Price does not include tax It was ◇ Library where you can see the red bridge A library space where manga, magazines, novels, etc. are lined up. It is available free of charge