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Via Inn Higashi Ginza (JR West Group)

Business hotel

Transfer-less access from Haneda Airport and Shinagawa Station to Higashi-ginza Station on the Asakusa Line. Tsukiji Outer Market, Kabukiza Theater, and Ginza are within walking distance.

Very Good
328 reviews from verified guests
Property facilities
  • 24-hour front desk24-hour front desk
  • Paid dry cleaningPaid dry cleaning
  • Home delivery
  • Vending machine
  • Paid parkingPaid parking
  • Wi-FiWi-Fi
4 min walk from Tsukiji Station
2 min drive from Ginza Station
2 min drive from Hatchobori Station
3 min drive from Shiodome Station
23 min drive from Tokyo International Haneda Airport
12 guests
  • Bath and toilet available
  • Internet available in room
    • Early bird discountEarly bird discount
    Includes taxes & fees
    1 room 2 guests 1 night

    This plan can be used at least 30 days before the date of stay. If you have a plan, please make a reservation as soon as possible.

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