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Arima Onsen
Ancient Spring of Japan

Ancient Spring of Japan

With a legacy of over a thousand years, Arima Onsen is renowned as one Japan's three oldest hot springs. Favored throughout its long history by visiting emperors, powerful feudal lords, and the like, Arima Onsen has built a reputation as a pre-eminent getaway destination conveniently tucked away in the mountains just a short trip away from Kobe and Osaka. For a taste of traditional Japan, Arima Onsen makes an excellent hot spring excursion on any Kansai (Western Japan) travel itinerary.

In addition to its splendid historical background, Arima Onsen is unique for possessing two types of hot springs in one location, which have been naturally abundant since ancient times. The first of these hot springs, Kinsen, or "gold spring", is a ferruginous sodium chloride hot spring. The second type of hot spring found in Arima Onsen is known as Ginsen, or "silver spring", a colorless carbon dioxide spring featuring very small amounts of radon.

Arima Onsen also offers much more than just its history and luxurious hot springs. Throughout the year there are delectable specialities to enjoy local to the region. In winter time, juicy and decadent snow crab is the star of the menu, while in summer, it is hamo, a type of conger fish with an unusual appearance but delicious taste. Year-round, visitors can enjoy truly authentic Kobe beef, celebrated worldwide for its beautifully marbled tenderness and heavenly savory aroma.

As a hot spring resort town, the primary mode of accommodation is the ryokan, a traditional Japanese-style inn. Ryokan are famed for possessing a quintessentially Japanese atmosphere--from not only an architectural or culinary standpoint, but from a hospitality perspective too. Staff are typically dressed in kimono and make it their mission to ensure you are as comfortable as possible.

This atmosphere does not remain only in the ryokan; it can also be easily found throughout the town. There is plenty of classical architecture and streets in Arima Onsen, which is totally walkable by foot. Those desiring a relaxing getaway who would like to get in touch with the few remaining vestiges of Old Japan are welcome in hospitable Arima Onsen.

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Boasting close proximity to both central Kobe city and Osaka, access to Arima Onsen, despite being tucked away in the mountains with a sense of peaceful seclusion, is convenient and relatively quick, making it an ideal getaway destination for those who prefer to not be too far away from the conveniences of the big city.

Rail: From Sannomiya or Shin-Kobe Stations, take the subway to Tanigami Station, then take to the Shintetsu Arima-Sanda line to Arima-Guchi Station. Transfer to the Arima line and get off at Arima Onsen Station. This trip takes approximately 30 to 40 minutes and costs less than 1000 JPY.

Bus: Direct buses to Arima Onsen can be found departing from Sannomiya or Shin-Kobe Stations in Kobe, or Umeda, Osaka, or Shin-Osaka Stations from Osaka.

Air: Domestic flights to Kobe Airport are most convenient. From Kobe Airport, take the monorail to Sannomiya Station and follow the rail instructions above. The closest international airport is Kansai International Airport, but please note that it may take several hours to get to Arima Onsen from here.

Other: For those looking for adventure, a cablecar and ropeway route to Arima Onsen departing from Mount Rokko is a fun and scenic alternative.

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