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Official Hotels

  • Maihama

    Sunroute Plaza Tokyo

    Guest Rating 4.18

    Free bus available for Disneyland ® Hotel is famous for Castle, Frontier, Pleasure room & Cruising cabin themed guestrooms. The Cinderella Castle which can be seen from the Sky Lounge is scenic and fantastic!
    from 2,900JPY
  • Maihama

    Sheraton Grande Tokyo Bay Hotel

    Guest Rating 4.21

    Feel the nature. Hotel has a vibe that you are in a resort. Established with spacious new Park Wing guestrooms and rooms for dog owners! All the beds in Twin Rooms are all Double-sized beds!
    from 5,450JPY
  • Maihama

    Tokyo Bay Maihama Hotel

    Guest Rating 4.43

    Cylinder-shaped and light orange colored structure standing out is a hotel. Synchronized atmosphere of nature and streets give off a relaxing space of comfort. All bathrooms equipped with wash spaces!
    from 33,210JPY
  • Maihama

    Tokyo Bay Maihama Hotel Club Resort

    Guest Rating 4.34

    Hotel and landmark that stands out in PINK. The way the light filters into its beautiful atrium gives a wonderful sense of relaxation.The hotels goal is to provide its guests with bright and delightful smiles throughout their stay.
    from 5,250JPY
  • Maihama

    Hilton Tokyo Bay

    Guest Rating 4.04

    There is a magical forest when you go down the elevator! Spend a relaxing time at the terrace seat surrounded by greenery outside the deck space. Hotel is full of excitement.
    from 4,690JPY

Partner Hotels

  • Shin-Urayasu

    Urayasu Brighton Hotel Tokyo Bay

    Guest Rating 4.6

    One station and 3 minutes away from Tokyo Disney Resort ®. Direct connection to JR Shin-Urayasu Station! Free shuttle bus is also available. Wishing for a place of "peacefulness" and "relaxation". Find your heartfelt hospitality here.
    from 4,500JPY
  • Shin-Urayasu

    Oriental Hotel Tokyo Bay

    Guest Rating 4.36

    Recommended for familes! Directly connected to station. It is safe and convenient. It takes 17 minutes to Tokyo Station on Rapid Express train. One station and 3 minutes to JR Maihama Station where Tokyo Disney Resort ®is located.
    from 2,755JPY
  • Shin-Urayasu

    Hotel Emion Tokyo Bay

    Guest Rating 4.36

    Did you know the meaning of our hotel? "Hohoemi" is smile in Japanese. "Emi" means laughter. Hotel Emion Tokyo Bay is named after a wish that all guests will spend a enjoyable and quality time.
    from 2,500JPY
  • Shin-Urayasu

    Mitsui Garden Hotel Prana Tokyo Bay

    Guest Rating 4.45

    Hotel name Prana means "life force" in Hindu. Whole building has been renewed by a Urban Oasis concept. Focusing on the lobby and guestrooms to stimulate the five senses. Big public baths are on the top floor!
    from 2,800JPY

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Good Neighbor Hotels

  • Tokyo, Shinjuku

    Keio Plaza Hotel Tokyo

    Guest Rating 4.33

    Hello Kitty themed room and the Premier Grand Sky Lounge are very popular! Enjoy comfortable stay at high-rise hotel in front of the eyes of Tokyo Metropolitan Government.
    from 16,800JPY
  • Tokyo, Odaiba

    Grand Nikko Tokyo Daiba

    Guest Rating 4.55

    Located in Odaiba, a popular tourist destination in Tokyo. Great access to Tokyo Disneyland Resorts ® Guests can relax in comfortable guestrooms in the elegant Western-style rooms.
    from 8,550JPY
  • Tokyo, Odaiba

    Hilton Tokyo Odaiba

    Guest Rating 4.39

    Located on the waterfront area of Tokyo Bay. Enjoy spectacular 180-degree ocean view! From private balcony in each guestroom, you can overlook breathtaking views of Tokyo Skyline, Rainbow Bridge, Tokyo Skytree® and Tokyo Tower.
    from 9,854JPY
  • Tokyo, Ariake

    Hotel Sunroute Ariake

    Guest Rating 4.2

    Odaiba, now a crowded popular tourist spot. We have high quality guestrooms and service that helps you relax from long travels. Shuttle bus to Tokyo Disney Resort® is available. Please use it for Disney Resort and Tokyo sightseeing.
    from 3,800JPY
  • Tokyo, Yokoami

    Daiichi Hotel Ryogoku

    Guest Rating 4.02

    Welcome to Ryogoku! where futuristic structures builds and good old streets remain. Refined warmth and welcoming atmosphere in guestrooms. Enjoy the view of the city and Tokyo Skytree ® .
    from 4,500JPY
  • Tokyo, Kinshi

    Tobu Hotel Levant Tokyo

    Guest Rating 4.5

    The closest city hotel to Tokyo Skytree Town ® with 383 guestrooms ranging from the 7th to 23rd floor is the Official Tokyo Skytree Hotel.
    Various rooms are available from single to suite. There is also a Tokyo Skytree ® view room.
    from 6,000JPY
  • Tokyo, Toyo

    Hotel East21 Tokyo

    Guest Rating 4.26

    Experience classical sensation of the 19th century European style. Services are rich in hospitality. Hotel is conveniently accessible to popular sights such as Tokyo Disney Resort® and Tokyo Skytree® .
    from 3,750JPY
  • Chiba, Honchiba

    Keisei Hotel Miramare

    Guest Rating 4.45

    Miramare is a word that combines Mira "view" and Mare "sea" in Italian. Located at the center of a complex building "MIRAMARE" with a cinema complex, shopping & gourmet zones. Convenient for accessing Tokyo Disney Resort ®.
    from 5,650JPY
  • Chiba, Hibino

    Hotel Springs Makuhari

    Guest Rating 4.09

    "Makuhari Shintoshi", which has been making remarkable progress with the concept of a future-type international city where jobs, housing, academics and play are fused. Since the 1980's, we continue to offer quality time for guests.
    from 3,500JPY

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*Disclaimer: Prices shown are lowest available room rates per person per night based on double occupancy as per 2017/8/2. Prices may vary from those listed above depending on room type, number of guests staying, schedule, and availability.