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Shopping City

Shopping City

Rich in history and ambience, Yokohama is an ideal destination for shopaholics eager to explore a new face of Japan--one that balances sophistication and comfort with the charm of a cosmopolitan city. Just 30 minutes by train from Tokyo or a quick direct bus from Haneda Airport, Yokohama's offerings are easily accessible for all visitors. Yokohama is also conveniently accessed via Shinkansen at Shin-Yokohama Station.

As one of Japan's first and leading international port cities, Yokohama exudes an air that is refined and modern, while retaining its historical character as one of the first places foreigners settled after the opening of Japan to the West. This unique heritage is recognizable in the architecture of numerous buildings throughout the city, which has now also established a reputation as a destination where lovers of fine art, good music, great food, and excellent shopping can wander to their heart's delight.

Wide, open, and free--and yet cozy and intimate at the same time--no matter when you visit, there is a profound and characteristic comfortableness in Yokohama which cannot be easily found in neighboring Tokyo. An elegance both old and new pervades every pore of the city, where the leisurely pace of inhabitants makes it is easy to lose track of time.

For those with shopping on their mind, Yokohama is home to several large shopping malls, many famous department stores, and countless boutiques with original and memorable items for sale. After shopping your heart out, head to one of the city's numerous view points to admire Yokohama's distinctive skyline, sparkling at night, or take a break at one of the city's hidden spots: little-known places that offer experiences a little bit off the beaten path. Come to Yokohama and treat yourself to an unforgettable shopping adventure.

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Rail: From Tokyo, several train lines exist that take passengers to Yokohama in about 30 minutes or less: the Tokyu Toyoko line departing from Shibuya, the JR Shonan Shinjuku line departing from Shinjuku and Shibuya, and the JR Tokaido, Yokosuka, and Keihin-Tohoku lines departing from Tokyo and Shinagawa.

Shinkansen: The JR Tokaido Shinkansen is convenient for travellers departing from western and southern Japanese cities such as Osaka, Kyoto, Kobe, and Hakata.

Air: The closest airports are Haneda Airport and Narita Airport. From Haneda, the Keikyu Keihinkyuko line can take passengers to Yokohama in as little as 20 minutes. Direct buses or airport limousines departing from both Haneda and Narita to Yokohama are also available and very convenient.


  • Kitamura

    Kitamura was founded in the 15th year of the Meiji Period right in Motomachi. In 1972, Kitamura began producing original handbags with the intention of combining genuine craftsmanship with Motomachi's spirit of sophistication. "Delicate", "cute", and "high quality" are just some of the words that come to mind when describing their creations, each made with much attention paid to the design, production, and materials. More than just handbags, Kitamura also offers wallets, shoes, mens' goods, and more.

  • Hashinaga

    Across much of the Asian continent, chopsticks are the standard utensils with which each meal is eaten. As such, learning to use chopsticks properly may come in handy. At Hashinaga, you can find over 1000 varieties of chopsticks, ranging from colorful and ornate to simple and practical. Not just for eating, try wearing a pair in your hair for a unique fashion statement.

  • Makanai Cosmetics

    Makanai Cosmetics is a "made in Japan" skincare brand that was founded over one-hundred years ago as a gold leaf company. The diverse product range includes a popular hand creme made with natural ingredients, face-washing sponges made with kon'nyaku ("devil's tongue" yam), and even a beauty oil containing bits of gold leaf. In addition, the Minato Mirai shop sells a Yokohama-limited selection of oil blotting papers featuring Yokohama motifs that become visible after blotting. Find out more about the Japanese Beauty Secret at Makanai Cosmetics.

  • wargo

    Located within the trendy and historic Red Brick Warehouse, wargo is a shop specializing in fashion accessories that prominently feature elements of traditional Japanese style. Case in point is the vast selection of over 1,000 kanzashi, the beautiful ornamental hair sticks traditionally worn with kimono. Not just for old-fashioned hairstyles, kanzashi can still be easily worn in fashionable, modern styles--just one kanzashi stick is enough to make a simple updo that will stay firmly in place, and keep you looking fabulous. The staff is very helpful and will teach you just how it easy using kanzashi in your hair can be. Beyond kanzashi, wargo also offers contemporary jewellery, silver accessories, and even T-shirts.

  • Yokohama Shopping Campaign Executive Committee

    In order to create a Yokohama focused on international tourism, where visitors to Japan can shop with ease and have opportunities to interact with local Japanese residents, the “Yokohama Shopping Campaign Executive Committee” is promoting the city abroad by launching a variety of marketing strategies and establishing hospitality infrastructure throughout the region for inbound tourists.


  • Nama Nori Tsukudani

    Nama Nori Tsukudani

    What is this mysterious-looking concoction? It's preserved raw laver seaweed harvested from the Motomachi area, simmered in a mixture of soy sauce and mirin. Despite its unusual appearance, tsukudani has a salty and robust flavor that goes excellent with rice.

  • Yamate Seiyokan Meguri

    Yamate Seiyokan Meguri

    Inspired by the Western-style residences of the foreigners who had once settled in the Yamate district, these elegant and petit chocolate cakes feature a delicate sweetness. Postcards depicting the Yamate district are included in the box.

  • Sakura Jelly

    Sakura Jelly

    Featuring the cherry blossom as its motif, these gelatin treats, made with white wine as their base, contain cherry blossom petals. The delicate fragrance of these cherry blossoms will tickle your taste buds.

  • Yokohama Caramel

    Yokohama Caramel

    Saikoro Caramel is a long-selling candy in Japan, widely known for its dice design. As a memorable souvenir, take home the Yokohama version, featuring famous Yokohama icons as motifs.

  • Yokohama Drops

    Yokohama Drops

    Fruit drops stored in a round tin is a Japanese candy classic. The Yokohama versions make great souvenirs--in one container you can find a mix of 4 colors and 4 flavors: lemonade mint, blueberry mint, melon mint, and spearmint. Other flavors include cocoa drops, which have a bittersweet chocolate flavor.

  • Tenugui Series

    Tenugui Series

    Tenegui are traditional Japanese hand towels made out of cotton. In addition to being functional, they also make stylish pieces of art.

  • Manhole Coasters

    Featuring designs like that of the Yokohama Bay Bridge and the Nihonmaru ship, these iconic Yokohama manhole covers have been shrunk down to a convenient coaster size. The condensation left behind by a glass kind of resembles fallen rain on manhole covers, for an extra bit of fun.

  • You can purchase the souvenirs featured here and more at the following locations:

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