Rent a Car in Hakuba-village

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Helpful information about Hakuba-village

Transit and transportation
Car rental services are available at Hakuba Station on the JR East Oito Line for easy access to tourist attractions. Should you choose to rent a car at Matsumoto Station, you can expect to arrive at Hakuba Village area in about an hour and 30 minutes.
About the airport
The nearest airport is Matsumoto Airport. However, flights are limited to Sapporo, Kobe (Osaka), and Fukuoka, with no flights to Tokyo (e.g., Haneda).
Sightseeing and activities
Hakuba Village in Nagano is said to be reminiscent of mountain destinations in Europe, and it is a major attraction for international tourists. The Hakuba mountain range of the Northern Alps, Japan’s highest mountain range, offers ample opportunities for mountain climbing and trekking. Happo Pond, Oide Suspension Bridge , and Hakuba Iwatake Mountain Resort are among the many scenic locations that can be easily reached by renting a car. Hakuba is also a hot spring haven, with Hakuba Happo Onsen considered one of the more famous ones. It is recognized as one of Japan’s leading snow resorts and a hub for winter sports; for example, Hakuba Happo-One Snow Resort is a prime location for skiing and snowboarding in powder snow. With the convenience of a rental car, Azumino can be reached in about an hour, Matsumoto City in about an hour and 30 minutes, and Kamikochi in roughly two hours and 20 minutes.
Local events
Hakuba Village is famous for its three summer festivals (Hakuba Summer Festival, Hakuba Happo Onsen Summer Festival, and Hakuba-cho Summer Festival). Hakuba Happo-One Usagidaira Terrace , with its restaurant and resort facilities, is known for the stargazing and fireworks events it hosts. Hakuba’s crystal-clear mountain air makes it a perfect spot for exploring the night sky.
Seasonal information
Several places, such as Oide Park and Nohira’s lone cherry tree, are famous for their cherry blossoms in the spring, and the Hakuba three-color autumn spectacle (red and green leaves backed by snow-white mountains) can be enjoyed from Hakuba Ohashi Bridge in the fall. Given the brief summer in Hakuba Village, it is best to visit during the peak seasons in spring and autumn, or during the snowy winter ski season. Studless winter tires are mandatory for driving in snowy conditions during winter.