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Helpful information about Ishigaki-city

Transit and transportation
Navigating around Ishigaki Island is easy with various options including rental cars, cabs, and buses. If you are renting a car, three hours is enough to drive all the way around the island. While traffic is minimal outside the city center, the roads leading to the most picturesque locations are full of twists and turns, so be careful while driving. The downtown area is located near the Euglena Ishigaki Port Remote Island Terminal , roughly a 30-minute drive from Ishigaki Airport. From this port, each outlying island of Yaeyama can be reached by boat. Although car ferries are available, their irregular schedule and higher fares will make renting a car on each island a more practical choice for you.
About the airport
The new Painushima Ishigaki Airport, which opened in 2013, serves as the airport for Ishigaki City. A one-hour flight is all it takes to get from Naha Airport to Ishigaki Airport. Direct flights are also available from Haneda, Narita, Chubu, Kansai, and Fukuoka airports. A rental car station with various agencies is located near the airport for your convenience.
Sightseeing and activities
Ishigaki Island boasts scenic coastal roads. The east coast journey from Ishigaki Airport to the northern tip at Hirakubozaki Lighthouse boasts panoramic vistas of the East China Sea and Pacific Ocean. A 50-minute journey south from the lighthouse along the west coast will lead you to Kabira Bay, a stunning location that has been awarded three Michelin stars. While swimming is not allowed in the bay, you can still enjoy the water with glass-floor boats and sea kayaks. A rental car will allow you to conveniently visit other attractions such as Oganzaki Peninsula, famous for its sunset. While other accessible islands such as Taketomi and Hateruma can be toured by bicycle, rental cars are more suitable for Iriomote and Yonaguni islands. There are two ports on Iriomote Island, and the drive from Ohara Port to Uehara Port usually takes around one hour. The region is rich with sightseeing opportunities, including mangrove cruises and snorkeling at Star Sand Beach. Only a 10-minute drive from Ohara Port is Yubu Island, where water buffalo carts take passengers to and fro. On Yonaguni Island, sightseeing of underwater ruins and catching the sunset at Nishizaki, the westernmost point in Japan, are popular attractions. Agarizaki, the eastern edge of the island, is about 20 minutes away by car.
Local events
From July to August, harvest festivals are celebrated across all regions. Witness raw power as the Hatagashira (leader) raises a 23-foot-long flag accompanied by the shouts of the crowd and the rhythm of drums. In late August, a unique ancestral memorial service known as Angama takes place, where people visit their ancestral homes to the melodies of sanshin (a three-stringed instrument) and taiko drums. Be sure to give yourself plenty of time to get around during such events, as the roads can get congested.