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Helpful information about Nagoya-airport

About the airports
In Aichi Prefecture, there are two airports: Central Japan International Airport (Centrair), and Prefectural Nagoya Airport which is managed by the prefecture. Prefectural Nagoya Airport is also known as Komaki Airport and caters exclusively to domestic flights. Nine routes offer convenient connections between airports in the Tohoku and Kyushu regions, including Aomori Airport, Iwate Hanamaki Airport, and Fukuoka Airport. If you’re looking to travel internationally or to Tokyo, Hokkaido, or Okinawa, Centrair is the airport to use, as there are no flights to these destinations from Nagoya Airport (except to Sapporo Okadama Airport in Hokkaido). There is no rail service to Prefectural Nagoya Airport, so visitors must either take a bus or drive to reach the city center. Since buses run only once or twice an hour, renting a car is a more convenient option.
Sightseeing and activities
Just a five-minute drive from the airport is the Aichi Museum of Flight. It showcases exhibits related to Japanese aircraft and the history of aviation in Japan. Pilot simulators and virtual flights are also offered for visitors to experience the thrill of flying. In addition, Nagoya Castle, the iconic symbol of Nagoya City, is just 18 minutes from the airport by car. Inuyama Castle, designated a national treasure of Japan, is also only a 30-minute drive away. There are car rental agencies at Nagoya Airport, so enjoy comfortable driving by renting a car to visit sightseeing destinations in the area.
Around the airport
Prefectural Nagoya Airport is close to downtown Nagoya, and about 20 minutes by car to Nagoya Station if you use the expressway. The airport has a ground-level parking lot and two multi-story parking garages for your convenience. Adjacent to Prefectural Nagoya Airport lies a unique destination: Airport Walk Nagoya. This vibrant shopping mall repurposed the former international terminal building and is now a haven for shopping, dining, and entertainment.