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Helpful information about New-chitose-airport

About the airport
New Chitose Airport is a major terminal with roughly 15 million visitors a year. It’s the second busiest airport in Japan (as of August 2022) and considered to be one of the major airports ranking with Haneda and Narita. Direct flights take about an hour and 30 minutes from Haneda Airport or about two hours from Narita International Airport. With multiple flights operating each day, the airport is always easily accessible. As of September 2023, direct flights to Asia (South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, Thailand, Malaysia, and Singapore) are in service, but flights to the U.S. (Hawaii) remain suspended.
Sightseeing and activities
New Chitose Airport covers an area of nearly 1,800 acres. The airport itself is a tourist attraction, with souvenir stores, restaurants, a movie theater, hot springs, and entertainment facilities. In addition to Hokkaido's gourmet foods (ramen noodles, sushi, sweets, etc.), there are many special dishes that can only be tasted here, which often attract crowds of people waiting in line. Likewise, the Doraemon and Hello Kitty theme parks are popular with children and are always bustling with happy families. The airport is located near other attractions such as Mitsui Outlet Park and Lake Shikotsu. It is also roughly an hour and 20 minutes by car to downtown Sapporo, a popular sightseeing area, so a rental car is recommended.
Rent-a-Car companies around the airport
Rental cars are available at the counter on the first floor of the terminal. After registration is completed, a shuttle bus is provided to the service center. Although it is possible to rent a car on site if conditions are suitable, it is more secure to make a reservation in advance through Rakuten Travel Rent-a-Car.