The Rakuten Travel Rent-A-Car process: from reservation to return

From searching for rental cars to completing your reservation

Search for rental carsSearch for rental cars

Search for rental cars

Set the time and location of your rental and return and press the Search button to display a list of rental cars that meet your criteria.

Search for rental carsSearch for rental cars

Reserve a rental car

① Choose a rental car

After finding a rental car you like, press the Select button to begin the reservation process.

Reserve a rental car Reserve a rental car

② Authenticate via email

An authentication email (Confirmation email) will be sent to you. Click the link in the email to continue with the reservation.

② Authenticate via email ② Authenticate via email

③ Enter the applicant's information

Enter the information of the people who will be using the car, input your payment method, and click Continue.

③ Enter the applicant's information③ Enter the applicant's information

④ Confirm your reservation details

Agree to the Rakuten Travel Rent-A-Car Terms & Conditions and click Booking Complete.

④ Confirm your reservation details④ Confirm your reservation details

⑤ Reservation is complete

⑤ Reservation is complete⑤ Reservation is complete

Check below to confirm or cancel your reservation.

Confirming or canceling your reservation

On the day of your rental

Check below for important information about what to bring on the day of your rental.

For overseas driver's license holders

Returning your rental car

Return the rental car as instructed by the car rental company. It's not uncommon to miss the scheduled return time due to traffic congestion. Be sure to allow yourself plenty of time to return the car.

Search for rental cars