Top 5 Nagoya Hotels for the 2023 Japanese F1 Grand Prix


With the Formula One (F1) 2023 Japanese Grand Prix taking place from September 22 to 24 at Mie Prefecture’s Suzuka Circuit, the race is on — and that applies to securing tickets and hotels, too!

If you’re planning a trip to Japan for the F1 Grand Prix, you probably think that the smartest option would be to stay close to Suzuka Circuit, but you’re not alone in thinking that way. 

Unfortunately, Suzuka, the city housing the race track of the same name, is a large industrial town with few hotels, all of which are already fully booked for the dates of and leading up to the Grand Prix. 

What’s more, the venue’s on-site Suzuka Circuit Hotel, which will prioritize parties affiliated with Formula One, will not be taking bookings from the general public for the Grand Prix.

There’s a much better option for accommodations though! There’s a bustling major city close to Suzuka Circuit with plenty more hotel options that the local F1 fans usually prefer: Nagoya, in Aichi Prefecture. 

In addition to offering various accommodation and transportation options, Nagoya is better suited to accommodate tourists, with conveniences such as multilingual signage and restaurants that close late at night.

Read on for directions from Nagoya to Suzuka Circuit and our recommended hotels in Nagoya!


How to Get to Suzuka Circuit from Nagoya


Served by multiple railway lines, including the shinkansen (bullet train), and only approximately a 30-minute direct train ride from Chubu Centrair International Airport, Nagoya is quite literally centrally located. 

Even if you’re not flying directly to Chubu Centrair, you can easily reach Nagoya from Tokyo, Kyoto, or Osaka by shinkansen — or even by bus if you’re on a budget.

From Nagoya, you have two ways to visit Suzuka Circuit via public transport. The most convenient option is via the privately operated Kintetsu Railway. From Kintetsu Nagoya Station, which is an approximately five-minute walk from the JR lines, take the Kintetsu Nagoya Line to Shiroko Station (approx. 40–50 minutes). At Shiroko, take a taxi or shuttle bus to Suzuka Circuit (approx. 20 minutes).

The second option is via JR, but even though the JR ticket gates may be easier to locate within the maze-like Nagoya Station complex, this will be less convenient. From JR Nagoya Station, take the JR Kansai Main Line to Yokkaichi (approx. 30–50 minutes). There, transfer to the Ise Railway, and get off at Suzuka Circuit Ino Station (approx. 18 minutes).

Typically, for the duration of the F1 Grand Prix, JR and Ise Railway jointly operate direct express trains from Nagoya to Ino and vice-versa. However, this year’s special express trains timetable is still unannounced as of this writing.

But regardless of how you’re getting to Ino Station, it’s worth noting Suzuka Circuit is a 25-minute walk from Ino, and there are no buses linking both locations. September in Japan can still be quite hot, so keep that in mind. Additionally, Ino is a small rural station with only one exit, and fares can only be paid in cash.

Whichever route you choose, you’ll reach Suzuka Circuit in just slightly over an hour if you stay close to Nagoya Station, so: on to our Nagoya hotel recommendations!


1. Budget: nine hours Nagoya station


If you’d rather not splurge on accommodation and don’t mind not having an entire room, consider booking nine hours Nagoya station. Don’t be fooled by the name; this stylish capsule hotel with a futuristic design doesn’t limit guests to staying for only nine hours. Check-in and check-out times are no different from most other accommodations in Japan.

Only two minutes on foot from the underground Exit 1 of Nagoya Station (make that around five minutes if you’re taking the easier-to-find Sakura-dori Exit), nine hours is one of the fancier capsule hotels, despite its minimalist aesthetic. 

The sleep pods are designed to look roomy so that guests don’t feel claustrophobic, and the lighting is warm and homey to induce relaxation. Guests are provided with towels and sleepwear, and the clean, well-maintained showers are equipped with toiletries from a reputable brand.

On the top floor is a lounge where you can chill and enjoy plenty of natural light on a fine day or gaze out to see the bright city lights at night. Meanwhile, the ground floor doubles as a lobby and cafe: the Nagoya branch of the acclaimed Tokyo coffee shop, Glitch.


2. Budget: Nagoya Flower Hotel


Nagoya Flower Hotel packs a punch with affordable prices that are hard to beat! Considering its excellent location — right in front of Nagoya Station’s Shinkansen Exit — its rates are notably lower than other hotels nearby. 

The hotel is regularly cleaned and maintained, so if you don’t mind small compact rooms (as is the standard for business hotels like this one) Nagoya Flower Hotel would be an ideal choice. It’s hard to find a better deal than this for budget hotel rooms, especially now that it’s just two months before F1. For peace of mind, the front desk is manned 24-hours to help you any time of day/ night. 


3. Mid-Range: Compass Hotel Nagoya


Formerly known as At Inn Hotel Nagoya Station, the recently rebranded Compass Hotel Nagoya is a two-minute walk from Nagoya Station’s Miyako Underground Shopping Mall Exit 4, or a seven-minute walk from the Kintetsu-operated side of the station.

In addition to offering Semi-Double, Double, Twin, and Large Double rooms, this business hotel also has a section called Ladies’ Cabin for budget-conscious women. Here, women can stay in partitioned but unlockable rooms called cabins — a cross between a full hotel room and a capsule pod. 

Generous with its amenities and perks, the hotel provides a light breakfast for free to all guests and a selection of free drinks from morning to midnight. And while microwaves are not commonly found in hotels, Compass Hotel Nagoya has one on the second floor, so you can stock up on konbini food during your stay without worrying about where to heat them up.


4. Mid-Range: Meitetsu Inn Nagoyaeki Shinkansenguchi


Though classified as a business hotel, it can be hard to believe that Meitetsu Inn Nagoyaeki Shinkansenguchi really is one, as their rooms are spacier than usual. 

Their most economical room type, Moderate Double, is almost 172 square feet, while the 258 square feet Moderate or Superior Twin rooms will come in handy for families or groups of friends. If the beds in a Twin room still aren’t enough, you can ask for an additional sofa bed. Rooms on the 20th to 23rd floors come with views of the Nagoya skyline.

This high-rise hotel is a four-minute walk from the Taiko-dori or Shinkansen Exit of JR Nagoya Station or an eight- or nine-minute walk from Kintetsu Nagoya Station. Tonkatsu Matsunoya, the on-site restaurant on the ground floor, serves a reasonably priced breakfast set meal — your choice of Japanese or Western-style — at 600 JPY. 

Don’t miss the chance to eat tonkatsu (deep-fried pork cutlet) for breakfast, not only because it’s the restaurant’s specialty but also because you’d be hard-pressed to find a tonkatsu set meal for 600 JPY nowadays!


5. Upscale: Nagoya JR Gate Tower Hotel


Above Nagoya Station is Nagoya JR Gate Tower Hotel, which offers easy access to and from the station. You can exit the shinkansen ticket gates and get to the lobby on the 15th floor in less than 10 minutes!
With high ceilings and large glass windows, the lobby and rooms let in plenty of natural light, giving the hotel a chic but cozy feel. Room sizes start at around 215 square feet for a Moderate Double, making this hotel an excellent choice for couples, families, and groups and for solo travelers who want a bit more legroom than a business hotel typically offers. 

All rooms have convenient amenities and indulgent comforts: tablets offering information in multiple languages, Nespresso coffee makers, and Simmons mattresses. Some rooms offer even more, like the Deluxe Corner Twin rooms, equipped with bathtubs overlooking the city.

While Nagoya is a city known for its many culinary delights, take the opportunity to savor exquisite French cuisine or local delicacies with a creative twist at The Gatehouse, the hotel’s sophisticated restaurant. Or, relax, have a drink, and let the rooftop garden soothe you.