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Echizen Awara Onsen Hasegawa


Our Japanese-western rooms were renovated in March 2022! Wi-Fi is available throughout the building. Spend your time with friends and family at this retro yet modern accommodation.

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126 reviews from verified guests
Property facilities
  • Parking lotParking lot
  • Open-air bath (hot spring)Open-air bath (hot spring)
  • Spa / Beauty salonSpa / Beauty salon
  • Lounge
  • Vending machine
  • Meeting room
10 min walk from Awara-Yunomachi Station
10 min drive from Awaraonsen Station
25 min drive from Fukui Airport
Explore our rooms and plans
 [8 tatami mat room]
Max 4 adults / 3 children
Room facilities
  • Toilet available, no bath
  • ■ Open-air bath ■ On a quiet night, soak in the bathtub and listen to the sounds of nature. Have a calm time & hellip;
    No meal
    Late check-inLate check-in
    Price for:  
    1 night
    1 room
    2 guests
    Taxes & fees incl.
    Plan details

    Check-in is OK until 21:00 ★ Enjoy a casual hot spring trip without service ♪ [Room only]

    ★☆★ “I want to use the whole day freely! 』 ★☆★ Whether it's sightseeing or work, each person uses their time differently♪ If you want to use your time freely, please try this plan♪ We recommend staying overnight without dinner or breakfast★ Work away in a relaxing lounge with Wi-Fi *We rent extension cords and trouser presses. Please feel free to let us know If you wish, you can change to the ``breakfast included plan''! *Customers who wish to have breakfast will be charged 1,650 yen (tax included) on-site. *If you would like breakfast, please write it in the notes section when making a reservation. December 2021 Private bath renewal! ! Healing private space Kiranoyu 45 minutes 2500 yen excluding tax Relaxing and dreamy Yumemi no Yu 60 minutes 3800 yen excluding tax Retro and modern, two large and small semi-open-air private baths Please enjoy it when you visit our hotel. [About operating hours] Advance reservations are required for private baths. Please enter your desired time in the notes section for your 1st and 2nd choice. *Depending on the reservation status, we may not be able to meet your desired time. Please note *Please bring your own towels from your room. *The fee for the private bath will be settled on-site. note that ●○ Large public bath & open-air bath○● At Awara Onsen, each hot spring facility has its own I have a hot spring well. Therefore, the ingredients of hot springs vary slightly depending on the hotel or inn! Hasegawa is characterized by its ``mellow spring quality''♪ Enjoy our signature bath that warms you from the core of your body. [Usage hours] PM 15:00 - AM 9:00 *Unavailable during cleaning time. note that *Please bring your own towels from your room. *We may ask you to present an ID that shows your address.

    Taxes & fees incl.
    1 room 2 guests 1 night
    Plan benefits
    • Late check-inLate check-in
    • Room only
Room details

Enjoy "Awara Onsen" ♪ [8 tatami mats] [Standard] [Japanese room]

Max 4 adults / 3 children
Room facilities
  • Toilet available, no bath