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Ginza Bellevue Hotel

Business hotel

A European-style petite hotel with convenient access to art, shopping, and business.

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Very Good
1 review from a verified guest
Property facilities
  • Vending machine
  • Spa / Beauty salon
  • Business hotel
  • Home delivery
  • Dry cleaning
  • Wake-up call
4 min walk from Ginza Station
2 min drive from Uchisaiwaicho Station
2 min drive from Shimbashi Station
3 min drive from Hibiya Station
24 min drive from Tokyo International Haneda Airport
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Very Good
1 review from a verified guest
Facilities & Amenities3
Service & Staff3
Comfort & Cleanliness4
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  1. Anonymous
    |Age: 50s
    Posted: 30/09/2022


    Facilities & Amenities3
    Service & Staff3
    Comfort & Cleanliness4
    Reply from the property

    この度は、銀座ベルビューホテルをご利用いただきまして誠にありがとうございます。 また、ご多用のなか、ご感想をお寄せいただき重ねて御礼を申し上げます。 私共は、JR有楽町駅銀座口から徒歩5分、同じく新橋駅銀座口から徒歩7分、そして地下鉄銀座駅C2・C3出口から徒歩3分の距離にございます。JR東京駅へのアクセスも良く、ビジネスや観光の拠点としてお使いくださいませ。 「チェックイン・アウトともスムーズ」との温かいお言葉は、9月に営業を再開したばかりの私共フロントスタッフの励みになります。 今後ともお客様が快適にお過ごしいただけるよう、スタッフ一同努めて参ります。 次回も銀座ベルビューホテルをお選びいただけましたら、幸いに存じます。ご利用をお待ちしております。 日毎に秋冷加わります。くれぐれもご自愛くださいませ。

    Posted: 01/10/2022

Property information

Business hotel
6-4-14 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, 104-0061, Japan
Check-in time
14:00 - 00:00
Check-out time
Total number of rooms
Phone number
+81 3 3289 0002
Fax number
+81 3 3289 2331

Measures against COVID


  • Guests served at an appropriate distance
  • Staff wash their hands, rinse their mouths, and wear masks
  • Regular temperature checks implemented


  • Dining areas regularly disinfected
  • Shared spaces regularly disinfected
  • Guestrooms disinfected between uses
  • Guest slippers disinfected between uses


  • Shared spaces regularly ventilated
  • Guestrooms ventilated between uses
  • Dining areas regularly ventilated


  • Front desk fitted with acrylic barrier
  • Staff mindful of guest-to-guest contact


  • Furnishings regularly disinfected


  • Unwell guests kept separate from dining areas
  • Alternative meal delivery options considered
  • Dining areas decongested and segmented

Requests to guests

  • Guests asked to disinfect upon arrival
  • Guests given temperature checks during check-in

Emergency response preparation

  • COVID emergency response manual prepared
  • Staff trained in COVID emergency response

Features and facilities

On-site facilities

  • Vending machine
  • Spa / Beauty salon

Property type

  • Business hotel

Services offered

  • Home delivery
  • Dry cleaning
  • Wake-up call

Accepted payment methods

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • JCB
  • Cash accepted

Supported languages

  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Chinese
  • English

Notice from property

* Breakfast is served in the lobby lounge from 7 am to 10 am.

From September 17, 2019, outside line calls from guest room phones will not be available.

* Breakfast includes coffee, tea, tea, milk, orange juice, croissants, bread rolls, and rice balls.

* There is no parking lot available, so please use transportation such as trains.

* Accommodation tax (hotel tax) will be charged separately. (10,000 yen or more per person per night: 100 yen; 15,000 yen or more: 200 yen)

* The arrival time at the time of reservation is until 22:00, but if it is past, please be sure to contact us by phone.

* Please note that the reservation may be canceled if the scheduled arrival time has passed.

* Please pay the accommodation fee in advance at check-in. * Prices are subject to change without notice.

* Up to 1 person (2 people in a twin room) for free infants without futon and meals.

* * * Upon arrival, we will check your body temperature using a non-contact thermometer. As a result of temperature measurement, if a fever of 37.5 ° C or higher is confirmed, we will refuse to use it.

Recommended spots

266m from Tokyo Takarazuka Theater

585m from Idemitsu Museum of Arts

603m from Imperial Theater

1,026m from Kokyo Gaien National Garden

1,126m from Tsukiji Hongan-ji Temple

1,219m from Nijubashi Bridge

1,234m from Hamarikyu Garden

1,561m from Kachidoki Bridge

1,572m from National Diet Building

1,689m from Shiba Daijin-gu Shrine