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Shima Onsen Sekizenkan Kashoutei Sanso

Introducing the
Japan Quality Accreditation
This establishment has been awarded our Japan Quality accreditation. It has received high ratings from its guests for providing exemplary service, and through its operations it has demonstrated the ability to offer an authentic Japanese travel experience.
Rakuten Travel Bronze Award 2021

A ryokan where history blends with romance, where elegance dances with silence. Highly rated by over 8,000 guests! Don't miss our historical tour inside the ryokan.

95 reviews from verified guests
Property facilities
  • Lounge
  • Vending machine
  • Japanese restaurant
  • Private dining
  • Spa / Beauty salon
  • Banquet hall
34 min drive from Nakanojo Station
35 min drive from Gumma-Haramachi Station
41 min drive from Ichishiro Station
46 min drive from Yagura Station
3 hr 54 min drive from Shinshu Matsumoto Airport
13 guests
No smoking
  • Toilet available, no bath
  • Wi-Fi (in room, free)
    • Japanese breakfast
    • Japanese dinner
    Includes taxes & fees
    1 room 2 guests 1 night

    [Profitable at the mountain cottage] Stay at the mountain cottage where you can relax and enjoy a blissful time in a retro space loved by literary masters. ■ We are implementing measures against corona. Please see the official website for details. [Advantageous on a limited date / Sanso guest room plan] The wooden mountain lodge is a nostalgic and relaxing retro space. A long time ago, literary masters visited the hot springs, soaked in hot springs, and spent a relaxing time at the mountain cottage, which is still appreciated by people of all ages. Please enjoy a time in a space that can only be found here, which has been refined by time. ■ Story of "mountain lodge" Built in 1945. The architecture that is the best of Showa craftsmanship is designated as a national registered tangible cultural property. A venerable building that has been loved by famous customers such as Byakuren Yanagihara. It is popular with customers who are interested in architecture and history. ------------------------------------- ■ Supper (restaurant) You can enjoy "seasonal kaiseki" that is carefully finished with fresh local vegetables and ingredients carefully selected from all over the country without any hassle. * We will keep a sufficient distance between customers and prepare seats. * Elementary school students will be kaiseki meals for children. You can change to a children's lunch for 9,000 yen (excluding tax), so please contact us if you wish. * If there are a large number of people, and if you book multiple rooms and eat together, we will guide you to the location designated by the hotel due to the number of seats. * Regarding food allergies: Changes can only be made by contacting us by phone. In the case of contact by e-mail etc., we can not respond because it is often not possible to confirm the contents. In addition, we do not accept measures for people with serious allergic symptoms or changes in soup stock or seasonings. * If you make a reservation with this plan, you cannot change the cooking plan. ■ Breakfast (restaurant) For breakfast, you can enjoy a Japanese meal. ■ Parking lot information The parking lot of [Kamatsutei and Sanso] is separate from the [Main Building (Yujijuku)]. For details, please check the "Traffic Information" page on our website. Maps and map codes are posted. * Regarding "Genroku no Yu", from June to Septembe