Rescue Hotel for Ukrainian Evacuees

It is with deep pain that many people in Ukraine, including civilians, have lost their lives in recent days, with many more having been forced to flee the country. We would like to express our profound sympathy and compassion with people in Ukraine. As a closest supporter, we Rakuten Travel feel deeply concerned and responsible for providing as much assistance as we possibly can to support people in Ukraine.

Rakuten Travel have decided to coordinating voluntary support with specific Japanese hotels, so called “RESCUE HOTEL” to offer various supports including lodging, employment, language training and many more for evacuees fleeing from Ukraine.
Following hotels in each prefecture have already notified us with their interest in offering those supports to the evacuees fleeing Ukraine and also have accepted to disclose this given information in public. Please refer to the list below of Hotels that have volunteered for support and kindly contact us through the inquiry form below.

Through this initiatives, Rakuten Travel and the Japanese hotel hope for a peaceful resolution and that Ukraine people can have peace again as soon as possible. Together with Japanese hotels, Rakuten Travel would like to do everything in our power to help people in Ukraine, as part of our ongoing mission to empower people and society.

Inquiry form for Ukranian Evacuees

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