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Sakihana Onsen Satorikan


Dip in our emerald-green beautifying hot spring with a pH of 7.8! Visit Sakihana Onsen for sightseeing in Niigata and Aizu!

Very Good
83 reviews from verified guests
Property facilities
  • Parking lotParking lot
  • Open-air bath (hot spring)Open-air bath (hot spring)
  • Spa / Beauty salonSpa / Beauty salon
  • Lounge
  • Vending machine
  • Japanese restaurant
5 min walk from Sakihana Station
7 min drive from Maoroshi Station
16 min drive from Higashi-Gejo Station
17 min drive from Saruwada Station
54 min drive from Niigata Airport
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East Building Guest Room
Max 6 adults / 5 children
Room facilities
  • Toilet available, no bath
  • Plan cooking image
    Rakuten exclusiveRakuten exclusive
    Dinner (Japanese restaurant)
    Price for:  
    1 night
    1 room
    2 guests
    Taxes & fees incl.
    Plan details

    welcome campaign 2 meals included [Breakfast] [Dinner]

    [Niigata welcome campaign!! ¥5,000 OFF] *The displayed amount is the amount after discount. *This plan is limited to foreigners visiting Japan from overseas. *We will check your passport to confirm your identity. ○●━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━●○ Seasonal cuisine and emerald hot springs, One night and two meals plan that you can enjoy as standard ○●━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━●○ Enjoy a bath with a great view overlooking the Agano River Line, which traveler Isabella Bird visited in the early Meiji period and praised as being more beautiful than the Rhine.★Smooth, pH7.8 skin-beautifying hot spring with sulfur-scented water flowing directly from the source. A plan where you can enjoy our proud kaiseki cuisine★ ~An example of a dinner menu~ ・Steamed sweet potato bun ・5 appetizers ・Assortment of 4 kinds of seasonal fresh fish ・Saikyo grilled silver cod ・ Spring cabbage and chicken salted pot ・Simmered white bianca and spring radish ・Shrimp and vegetable tempura ·meal ・Water sweets *Depending on the purchase situation, etc.  Meal contents may change. [Regarding the dining venue] Dinner will be served at the Japanese restaurant "Tsukiakari" or in a private banquet hall depending on the number of guests. We will prepare carefully selected kaiseki cuisine. Breakfast is a half buffet or set menu at the breakfast venue or Tsukiakari restaurant. ┌────────────────────┐   ○o゜* “Jadeite no Yu” shining in emerald green *゜o○ └────────────────────┘ The men's and women's observation baths overlook the flow of the Agano River. There is a natural hot spring open-air bath in each * □ Sulfur spring □ Effective for chronic skin diseases, chronic women's diseases, cuts, etc. From now until February 29, 2024, you can use the Niigata Welcome Campaign discount plan. This discount applies to accommodation plans eligible for the Niigata Welcome Campaign. Notes about this discount: For reservations of 10,000 yen or more, 5,000 yen is already discounted from the regular room rate. For reservations between 5,000 and 9,999 yen, 2,500 yen has already been discounted from the regular room rate. Discounts are not applied to reservations under 5,000 yen. *Discount applies to up to 7 nights per reservation. This campaign is only available to travelers from outside Japan or foreign residents in Japan. A passport or residence card must be presented at check-in. Please note that you cannot use the discount if you do not present your passport or residence card. Japanese nationals cannot use this campaign.

    Taxes & fees incl.
    1 room 2 guests 1 night
    Plan benefits
    • Rakuten exclusiveRakuten exclusive
    • DinnerDinner
    • BreakfastBreakfast