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Nipponia Hotel Takehara Seienmachi

Resort hotel

Participating hotel of the Go To Travel Campaign / Enjoy sake made in Takehara, a town that once prospered in the salt industry, together with Setouchi seafood cuisine.

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Located on the coast of the Seto Inland Sea, Takehara prospered as one of Japan's leading salt-producing areas from the Edo period, and by the Taisho period, there were 26 sake breweries benefiting from salt. People at that time competed to build many splendid buildings, forming a beautiful townscape. Even today, it retains a strong remnant of that time, and is also called Aki's Little Kyoto, and has been selected as a national preservation district for groups of traditional buildings. The NIPPONIA HOTEL Takehara Salt Production Town stands as if it blends into the townscape. As a decentralized hotel scattered around the city, we have 10 guest rooms that have been renovated with the same architectural design and comfort. While thinking about the history and culture that live in this place, please fully enjoy the salt, sake, and Setouchi delicacies that are still carefully woven.

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  • RestaurantRestaurant
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12 min walk from Takehara Station
36 min drive from Hiroshima Airport
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