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Hotel Nara Sakurai no Sato

Sakurai City, Nara
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Sakurai Station
12 min drive
Daifuku Station
13 min drive
Kaguyama Station
13 min drive

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  • Parking lot
  • Restaurant
  • Vending machine
  • Shop
  • Meeting room
  • Paid laundry

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1 room type
Twin room (30 square meters)
Relaxing sofa made with locally produced materials
Twin room floor plan
No smoking
Mountain view
Max 2 adults / 1 child
  • Meal
    Japanese breakfast
    Breakfast (restaurant)
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    1 night
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    [Japanese breakfast]

    ━━━━━━━━━……・★ “Hotel Nara Sakurai no Sato” will open in September 2022! ★・‥…━━━━━━━━━ Seasonal flavors such as Yamato vegetables and local brand ingredients are carefully cooked without being overly decorated. Have breakfast. Enjoy a soothing stay in the scenery of Satoyama in a place related to Manyo, between Tonomine and Asuka Village. It is a plan that includes the hotel's proud breakfast. A wide variety of items packed in small bowls with fun flavors, textures, and colors Just like a treasure box for breakfast! Energize to start the day. Before you go out, please take in the power of the local things and the season. [OP] ★Rental bicycle available 5 cross bikes, 2 e-bikes Fee: 4,000 yen for 1 day, 2,000 yen for 3 hours (with helmet) Business hours: 8:30-17:00 (Steps to use) ① Application *Advance reservation possible ②Usage contract at the front desk ③Advance payment ④ Bicycle rental ⑤ Start cycling [Sightseeing around] ◇ Kashihara Shrine: Approximately 6.4 km from the hotel Approximately 19 minutes by car The place described as the founding place of Japan in "Nihon Shoki", which is said to be the oldest official history of Japan. The Treasure Hall displays masterpieces by Japan's leading master craftsmen, including Emperor Meiji's sword. ◇Tsubosaka Temple: 8.5 km from the hotel About 18 minutes by car Shikoku 33 Temple Kannon Sacred Site No. 6. During the cherry blossom season, the "Sakura Daibutsu" standing like it is buried in the cherry blossoms is also splendid. ◇ Ishibutai Kofun: Approximately 14.4 km from the hotel About 27 minutes by car One of the largest burial mounds in Japan built in the late Kofun period. It is designated as a designated historic site of the country and is a horizontal stone chamber using a huge stone. According to one theory, it is said to be the grave of Soga no Umako. ◇Okadera: About 3.1 km from the hotel About 10 minutes by car Saigoku Thirty-three Temples Kannon Pilgrimage Number 7. The official name is "Dragon Cover Temple". The main hall enshrines a huge statue of Nyoirin Kannon, which was produced in the Nara period. From ancient times to the present day, it has been worshiped as Kannon to ward off evil. ◇Asukadera Temple: About 3.1 km from the hotel About 8 minutes by car Asuka-dera, which has a history of 1400 years, was completed at the request of Soga no Umako, who protected Buddhism, and was Japan's first full-scale temple. .

    Taxes & fees incl.
    1 room 2 guests 1 night
    • Japanese breakfast
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    • Breakfast (restaurant)
Room details

[Twin room] [Non-smoking] [Mountain view]

No smoking
Mountain view
Max 2 adults / 1 child