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Business hotel

Keikyu EX Inn Kamata

Ota Ward, Tokyo
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About five minutes on foot from the west exit of Keikyu Kamata Station or the east exit of JR Kamata Station / About 10 minutes to Haneda Airport on a single train line / Free Wi-Fi

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Guest review score

Very Good
Reviews: 449


Keikyu Kamata Station
5 min walk
Kamata Station
5 min walk
Umeyashiki Station
3 min drive

Property facilities

  • Spa / Beauty salonSpa / Beauty salon
  • Vending machine
  • Shared microwave
  • Paid laundryPaid laundry
  • Wi-FiWi-Fi
  • 24-hour front desk24-hour front desk
Explore our rooms and plans
Room desk
No smoking
1 x Semi-double bed
Max 2 adults
Room facilities
  • Wi-Fi (in room, free)Wi-Fi (in room, free)
  • Bath and toilet available
  • Electronic kettle
  • Shade curtain
  • TVTV
  • RefrigeratorRefrigerator
  • Room desk ①
    No meal
    No cleaning
    Multi-night stays only
    Price for:  
    1 night
    1 room
    2 guests
    Taxes & fees incl.
    Plan details

    Eco Plan - Room without meals - No room cleaning - 2 consecutive nights or 3 consecutive nights [Room only]

    By making a reservation for any plan, you are deemed to have agreed to the [Notes] listed below. Please note. This plan is for overnight stay. ~Earth-friendly eco plan~  Limited to reservations for 2 or 3 consecutive nights. ■About room cleaning and amenities during your stay■ ① We will not make the bed or clean the unit bath. ②Amenities such as toothbrushes and slippers will not be replenished. ③ Only bath towels, face towels, bath mats, and pajamas will be placed in a bag and placed near the door of your room. ④ Trash will be collected on the cleaning day, but if you would like to have the trash collected on a day other than the cleaning day, please let the front desk know. ⑤ If you would like to replenish toilet paper/tissue paper or change glasses, we will do so at the front desk. ※please note※ If you reduce your stay, an additional charge of 300 yen per night will be charged. 【Notes】 ・If your check-in will be delayed for more than 2 hours, please contact us. We may contact you from here. ・We cannot deodorize smoking rooms in advance. We do not accept requests for deodorization or non-smoking. please note that. ・We cannot accept or hold shipments that require refrigeration or freezing. ・There is no parking lot at our hotel. We will only provide information on nearby areas. ・According to Article 24 of the Pharmaceutical Affairs Law, we do not provide medicines, bandages, etc., so please prepare your own. ・If you have multiple reservations, we will contact you in advance. Reservations for 8 or more rooms will be treated as a group. (Individual reservations with 8 or more rooms will be treated as a group if the reservation person's name and phone number match) 【Cancellation Policy】 Rooms 1 to 7) No-show: 100% on the day, 50% on the day before (Rooms 8 to 15) No-show: 100% on the day, 50% the day before, 20% 7 days before, 10% 14 days before 16 rooms or more) No-show: 100% on the day, 80% on the day before, 50% on 7 days before, 20% on 14 days before, 10% on 30 days before.

    Taxes & fees incl.
    1 room 2 guests 1 night
    Plan benefits
    • No cleaning
    • Room only
    Plan restrictions
    • Multi-night stays only
  • No meal