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Himeji Green Hotel Tatemachi

Business hotel

Soak away the fatigue of business in our grand lookout bath!

126 reviews from verified guests
Property facilities
  • Vending machine
  • RestaurantRestaurant
  • Sauna
  • Spa / Beauty salonSpa / Beauty salon
  • Parking lotParking lot
  • Paid laundryPaid laundry
2 min walk from Sanyo-Himeji Station
3 min drive from Himeji Station
6 min drive from Tegara Station
7 min drive from Kyoguchi Station
2 hr 17 min drive from Kobe Airport
There are no rooms available. Try changing the dates.

Ratings and reviews

126 reviews from verified guests
Facilities & Amenities3.1
Service & Staff3.2
Comfort & Cleanliness3.5
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  1. Anonymous
    Posted: 3/17/2023
    Facilities & Amenities2
    Service & Staff3
    Comfort & Cleanliness3
  2. Anonymous
    Posted: 3/17/2023
    Service & Staff1
    Comfort & Cleanliness5
  3. Anonymous
    |Age: 40s
    Posted: 3/16/2023

    WBC準々決勝の日に大浴場のある9Fに宿泊。 試合終了後から話し声と扉の閉まる音がうるさい。他の人も指摘されてましたが、扉にクッション材を貼るとかすぐに対応できないものなんでしょうか?

    Facilities & Amenities3
    Service & Staff3
    Comfort & Cleanliness1
  4. Anonymous
    Posted: 3/16/2023
    Facilities & Amenities2
    Service & Staff3
    Comfort & Cleanliness3
  5. Anonymous
    Posted: 3/13/2023
    Facilities & Amenities2
    Service & Staff3
    Comfort & Cleanliness3
  6. 1 - 5 of 126 reviews

Property information

Business hotel
83 Tatemachi, Himeji-shi, Hyogo, 670-0903, Japan
Check-in time
3:00 p.m. - 5:30 a.m.
Check-out time
10:00 a.m.
Total number of rooms
Phone number
+81 79 288 2000
Fax number
+81 79 286 7000

Measures against COVID


  • Staff wash their hands, rinse their mouths, and wear masks
  • Regular temperature checks implemented
  • Guests served at an appropriate distance


  • Dining areas regularly disinfected
  • Shared spaces regularly disinfected
  • Guestrooms disinfected between uses
  • Guest slippers disinfected between uses


  • Shared spaces regularly ventilated
  • Guestrooms ventilated between uses
  • Dining areas regularly ventilated


  • Front desk fitted with acrylic barrier
  • Staff mindful of guest-to-guest contact


  • Guestroom availability regulated
  • Furnishings regularly disinfected


  • In-room dining / Private dining
  • Unwell guests kept separate from dining areas
  • Alternative meal delivery options considered
  • Dining areas decongested and segmented

Bathing areas

  • Bath fixtures regularly disinfected
  • Bathing areas decongested and segmented

Requests to guests

  • Guests asked to disinfect upon arrival
  • Guests asked to wash their hands and rinse their mouths
  • Guests asked to wear masks when not in their room
  • Guests asked to fill out COVID inquiry during check-in
  • Guests given temperature checks during check-in

Emergency response preparation

  • COVID emergency response manual prepared
  • Staff trained in COVID emergency response

Other information

  • Common areas are sterilized and sterilized with Clean Fix.

Features and facilities

On-site facilities

  • Vending machine
  • RestaurantRestaurant
  • Sauna
  • Spa / Beauty salonSpa / Beauty salon
  • Parking lotParking lot
  • Paid laundryPaid laundry
  • Grand bathGrand bath

Services offered

  • Home delivery
  • Dry cleaningDry cleaning

Property type

  • Business hotel

Accepted payment methods

  • Credit cards accepted
  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • American Express
  • JCB
  • Cash accepted

Supported languages

  • Japanese

Notice from property

The parking lot (charged 500 yen) is limited. Please forgive me if the car is full.

If the estimated arrival time exceeds 1 hour, it will be treated as a cancellation.

Equipped with a multi-storey car park. Only cars with a total length of 5000 mm, a total width of 1800 mm, and a total height of 1550 mm can be parked (charged 500 yen).

Multi-storey car parks are on a first-come, first-served basis. The blue sky parking lot requires a reservation by phone (4 cars). Parking is possible from 15:00. Parking is possible before check-in and after check-in (charged 600 yen). We may decline depending on the degree of congestion.

Vehicles with a high vehicle height such as trucks, Hiace, and vans cannot be stopped. Please use the nearby parking lot.

Women's baths are available from 18:00 to 21:00 and 6:00 to 7:30.

Men's baths are available from 21:00 to 1:00 and from 7:30 to 9:00. It was

The observation bath is a men's and women's exchange system. The sauna is not open in the morning.

If you check in earlier than your scheduled arrival time, please be sure to call us.

Recommended spots

10,052ft from Himeji City Zoo

11,903ft from Himeji Castle

13,465ft from Otokoyama Senhime Tenman-gu Shrine

13,484ft from Himeji City Museum of Art

13,842ft from Himeji City Museum of Literature

15,230ft from Hyogo Prefectural Museum of History

15,853ft from Himeji City Aquarium

26,122ft from Kameyama Gobo Hontoku-ji Temple

53,419ft from Hiromine-jinja Shrine

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