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Helpful information about Odawara-station

About the station
Odawara Station is one of the terminal stations in Kanagawa Prefecture where five railroad companies converge. There is a towering monument to Odawara's iconic pocket lantern that greets visitors at the station entrance. This is a popular photo spot. Skip the hassle of lugging heavy bags and rent a car from Haneda Airport for a leisurely 90-minute drive to Odawara Station. Of course, rental cars are also available near Odawara Station.
Around the station
The Odawara Visitor Center near Odawara Station provides information on sightseeing in Odawara City, as well as the general Hakone area. After renting a car, head here first to check out some useful visitor information.
Sightseeing and activities
A short three-minute drive takes you from Odawara Station to the majestic Odawara Castle. This castle enjoyed a remarkable period of prosperity that stretched from the turbulent Sengoku or “Warring States” period (1467–1603) to the end of the Edo period (1603–1867). During the Edo period, it was under the leadership of the legendary shogun, Tokugawa Ieyasu. Odawara Castle offers a truly breathtaking spectacle in spring. Rows upon rows of 300 blossoming cherry trees transform the castle grounds into a scene of beauty, giving you a deeper appreciation of Japanese history and culture. After enjoying the historical grandeur of Odawara Castle, complete your Odawara experience with a visit to Odawara Kamaboko Street. Odawara’s local delicacy of kamaboko (a type of steamed fish cake) is delightful, and the street is just a five-minute drive from Odawara Castle Park. The Hakone area is also a popular destination for international visitors. Located nearly four miles away from Odawara Station, Hakone can be reached in just 13 minutes by car. The area offers a variety of attractions, such as soaking in historical hot springs, visiting the volcanic Owakudani Valley, and exploring the Hakone Open-Air Museum with its exciting lineup of artwork. It is conveniently accessible from Odawara Station as well.